Metaverses are virtual worlds where you can socialize, shop, work, visit art galleries, and attend concerts - many of the things you can do in the real world. There are many ideas about how the metaverse will evolve, but some form of cryptocurrency will likely be the payment of choice. this we bring on socializing within the digital world creating tokens on BSC (Binance smart chain). We're already seeing people using crypto to buy land and goods in various virtual universes. Begin to Hold Meta tokens on the Binance Smart Chain to connect you to the digital world.

Owned by the founder of facebook and the co-founder of Meta Platforms.

The metaverse is the next evolution of social connection networking, Our company’s vision is to help bring the metaverse to life, so we are changing our social name like facebook, instagram etc, to reflect our commitment to the future crypto-currencies.Our tokens are a unit of virtual currency used to make digital transactions within the metaverse. Metaverses are sprawling universes that users can access via a computer or virtual reality headset. These platforms allow you to work and play in a fictional, digital realm.

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The metaverse will be a collective project that goes beyond a single company. It will be created by people all over the world, and open to everyone. Join our community as we are already developing exciting new technologies that will help people connect and explore in the metaverse.

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Symbol - META

Decimals - 18

Supply - 22,000,000 META

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